Wednesday, 6 June 2007

No smoke without fire?

On our retreat at the weekend, I had to leave for part of Sunday to officiate at a District Scout service - well, it was the centenary! It was lots of fun despite parading in pouring rain to get to the venue.

We were promised there would be barbecued food on our return to Dunblane - and there was - scrumptious. Almost as soon as we turned off the A9, smoke signals led us back to our weekend abode.
However as we all tucked into our feast, our appetities were somewhat subdued by the arrival of two fire engines in Cathedral square - right opposite where we were. There were a few anxious moments before we ascertained that in fact what had happened was that an alarm had gone off in the Tappit Hen. Nothing to do with us. Not this time anyway. Phew!

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