Saturday, 30 June 2007

No innocent bystander

My blog earlier in the week wasn't too kind to our new Prime Minister. But there's nothing like a bit of conflict to get people pulling together. Gordon's baptism of fire in his new role caused by the very present terrorist threat apparent in the UK this weekend makes us want to trust him. We want our Prime Minister to utter words of reassurance and encourage us to feel that security is a priority that, as a nation of individuals we can feel safe. But I'm also left pondering tonight: What kind of society creates and nurtures folk who get so desparate that they consider their only options are to kill, that only by creating carnage and death will their voices be heard and their opinions honoured? And what is my culpability in being a part of that society that sets standards and calls for conformity, that stifles the ability to be different and fails to value diversity and individuals? I have no answers, only loads of questions.


Cherie said...

Powerful post. Excellent questions, and they are mine as well.

Have been thinking of you and Iain since I heard the news.

These are the times that test mens' souls - right?

Be safe, Liz.

liz said...

I'm touched that we should spring to mind when you hear of trouble in our part of the world. Thanks for caring.

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