Friday, 22 June 2007

The longest day

21st June - the longest day on these shores. And what a day its been. Managed to attend two end of term award ceremonies in the schools I chaplain (is chaplain a verb?). The afternoon spent in the special needs school - or school for exceptional children as I discovered on my trip to the States last year - was by far the most enjoyable. The enthusiasm of the youngsters and the encouragement from their peers was uplifting.
In between these "duties", I managed to fit in some hospital and home visiting.
Then, about 10pm, it was time for some pub evangelism. But, as I passed the church, I had to stop for a photo. The sun, still shining brightly had turned the stonework of the church a beautiful pink colour. I love midsummers and feel its time we reclaimed some sort of pagan rite to celebrate the day properly. I'm sure its the sort of folk liturgy that would appeal to contemporary culture. Maybe next year.
Meantime, I don't even want to think that from here on in the days get shorter. OOPS!


Rodrigo said...

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Cherie said...

The days get shorter, but hotter.

Your church is gorgeous! Except for a few older ones, ours here in the western U.S. are so ugly, so utilitarian, void of personality. I drool over the churches and other buildings you and Iain post. There's something to be said for setting and ambience to put one in a better frame of mind.

I told Joe he ought to partake in pub evangelism. Sounds right up his ally!

Another great post!

liz said...

Cherie, thanks. I love Inverkip church though someone once told me it was the ugliest church they'd ever seen because of its simplicity!
Pub evangelism is a wonderful challenge - and excuse - not for the faint hearted. I'm sure Joe would do well there. :)

Mike Peatman said...

I love your church building too.

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