Thursday, 21 June 2007

Its a twin thing!

My latest reading material has been "the pastor's notebook" by John Hughes. I had the incredible privelege of meeting the author just a couple of months back at a leader's retreat. I knew that I had to learn more from this gentle, gifted man of God. The book did not disappoint and I am sure it will be a well used resource in days to come as well as an inspiring read for now.
Like John, I too have a twin brother. That has brought some interesting dynamics at times. John shares this fact very briefly in the passing but I'm sure there is much to tell. Being a twin adds another dimension to life. One night, at our church youth group we showed off baby pics to see if folk could guess which babies were now their leaders. Since all my baby pics have my brother in them too, it gave the game away. There's also the curious fact that every time the local press publish something about Inverkip church, when they mention my age, I'm a good 5 years younger than my twin - but that's just a girl thing!
Not sure whether to read Max Lucado's "Facing your giants" or a book on creating contagious communities as my next foray into learning. Watch this space.

1 comment:

Cherie said...

Another interesting fact about my friend, Liz! A twin. My niece just had twins - a boy and girl.

I will keep watching this space to see what you decide.

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