Wednesday, 13 June 2007

au revoir

Our youth worker is moving on to pastures new. After 6 weeks voluntary teaching in Malawi, he moves to Dumfries and Galloway to begin his teaching career. Tonight we had a night out to celebrate. Not celebrate that he is leaving, you understand, but celebrate all that he has achieved in the last 4 years working with young folks and with other youth leaders. This picture was taken on a residential weekend with around 40 ten to twelve year olds. Hence the exhausted looks. We were snowed in that weekend and had to stay on an extra day - exciting stuff.
Douglas is bright, impetuous, sharp, good to wind up, sometimes gullible, often hilarious and loves fires. We will miss his enthusiasm and his innovation. But other folks will gain all those qualities. And Inverkip will still be the place he calls home, largely because it is. So we'll see him loads I hope and start to enjoy a whole new kind of relationship with him.
Douglas we celebrate you and wish you every blessing as you journey on with us and with others.


Rachael said...

we'll miss ya douglas!!!!

Rachael xx

Ronnie said...

Amen to that, but our church will move forward and Douglas, like ALL of the rest of you will always have a home in Inverkip, wherever you end up. (Just make it nice and warm so I can come and visit in my old age)

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