Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Any excuse...

Our schools finish up for summer in two weeks time. Being chaplain to 3 schools means that the last couple of weeks before end of term are really busy, being involved in end of term services, award ceremonies and other celebrations. Fun - but busy.
At our local secondary school, I help out with the junior orchestra. I like to find other ways of being involved in the schools so that youngsters don't just see me as the person who is rolled out 3 times a year at end of term services! In the high school orchestra, I've never made it beyond second violin and, in fact, this year I'm playing 3rd. This morning, with my desk piled high with paperwork, I went to the school and spent a delightful morning at rehearsals because the concert is later this week. Since the school is amalgamating with another secondary, this will be the last ever summer concert at Greenock High. Timetables are virtually suspended so that all the different music groups can fit in extra rehearsal time for what will be a wonderful concert. It seemed only right that I too should abandon my desk and hang out with the musicians - all in the name of chaplaincy of course.


Cherie said...

Hang out you must - go, and have a great time!!!

liz said...

Thanks cherie, permission taken!

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