Friday, 29 June 2007

Always the last to know

I've had quite a few weddings cancelled this year. I always feel its better that a couple change their minds before the big day than after they have taken solemn vows. However this year has seen a spate of cancellations and a few postponements. Sadly, the minister is often the last party to be informed that "the do is aff". And there have been a few occasions where I have not been advised of a change of plans. One such gaff was a wedding brunch tomorrow. When I couldn't get a hold of the couple this week, I contacted the venue where the reception was due to be held, only to find out that the wedding has been cancelled for some time.

Considering that the solemnisation and blessing of a marriage is the only vital part of the day, it is strange that couples forget to let the church know of a change of plan. Especially in a community such as ours where news spreads like wildfire.
In Scotland, ministers do not charge a fee for conducting weddings. However, maybe its time we asked for a deposit that is returnable except for those who give no thought to the minister scheduling other commitments around their wedding and who fail to keep the minister informed when plans change.

Thankfully there are many other couples who do grasp the importance of Christian marriage and do not treat it lightly.


Ronnie said...

So does that mean you're free for lunch?

Yea I think the church/minister should charge for the service. It seems more and more that nothing is valued unless a ££££ can be put on it. Only JPs are daft enough to give services for nothing, but then the recipients probably wouldn't pay anyway.

p.s. why you not doing Main St. ministry?

Kathryn said...

I'd never thought of the alarming fees that the C of E expects as an incentive to keep couples in the system...I'm appalled that some of yours should just drop out without a word...Rude, inconsiderate, and surely showing just how highly the value making their vows in the presence of God. Bristling on your behalf!

liz said...

Ronnie, did main street ministry early this evening.

liz said...

kathryn, thanks for your support and you made me smile too at the though of you bristling on my behalf - cheers:)

Cherie said...

Oh boy, that is a big oops - leaving the minister high and dry on the wedding day. Wow.

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