Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Techno processing?

I learned a new term today: "defragmentation".
I was leading a school assembly, showing a couple of video clips and my laptop was being really slow. A colleague commented that I needed to defragment regularly. Well, I'm familiar with dermabrasion, exfoliation, de-epillation but defragmentation was a new one on me. I discovered it means something like bringing files together so that the processor is not having to search all over the disk for bits - well at least, that's how I understood it with my woman's "need to know" brain.
I wondered if some of what we humans need to do when we're processing - with the help of water or not - is in fact the opposite of defragmentation. I suppose that would be fragmentation. But, if we could separate all those things that have become lumped together in our minds, think how freeing that would be, how differently and freshly we'd be able to look at things. No stereotyping, no presumptions. But clear, uncluttered views. I can leave the computer on overnight while it defragments. I wonder if my mind could fragment while I slumber. Oh well, its just a thought for processing...

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Liz, I'm surprised your computer is still working at all if you have never defragmented it! :-)
Much like my brain, I suppose - bits of useless information scattered all around in fragments.
You're right about water, of course. But, then, I was born down by the riverside myself.

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