Sunday, 25 March 2007

Krispy Kremes and Cracker Barrel

I love Krispy Kreme donuts. I just haven't found an equivalent in the UK. Any journey is bearable if it begins with a visit to a drive thru' Krispy Kreme outlet. A 10 hour drive from South Carolina to Indiana was only bearable thanks to a supply of Krispy Kremes and regular stops at Cracker Barrels for savoury stodge. Food is such a comfort at times. My state of health can be assessed by my particular food intake. Mostly, when I'm under pressure, the high carb, high sugar intake prevails - quick doses of reassuring energy. But, rake that pressure up a notch and the whole idea of food becomes abhorrent. The chilled out me eats sensibly and makes healthy choices. Right now, I must be somewhere in between, craving Krispy Kremes - but eating Tuna salad instead. Some of our friends from the States will be visiting with us over Easter. I hope they can find some vacuum packed KKs and satisfy this crazy Scots woman's longing. But then again, the company of good friends means I'll be well chilled any way. Can't wait!


Deanna said...

Hello, Liz. I just found your blog through Cherie's. I appreciate your reflections.

I worked at a Krispy Kreme shop when my husband and I lived in Charleston, S.C., years ago. They were good donuts, but what a fuss people in Oregon make over them!

I guess they do fill that comfort food void we feel sometimes...

liz said...

Deanna, blogging is a wonderful way to "meet" folk. Thanks for your compliment. Love SC too.

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