Saturday, 10 March 2007

Keep on dreaming...

I loved our brief visit to Chicago when I took some study leave last autumn. But just this week I discovered that an old friend was working real close to where we were. A missed opportunity to catch up. But, hey, an excuse to go back to that beautiful city. There's no point in bemoaning lost chances, is there? Its better and much more fun to create possibilities even if they have to remain dreams for the foreseeable future. Dreams can be wonderful motivators if we allow them to escape from the airy fairiness of our imagining, share them and enlist help in making them real. And then we simply have to dream more dreams that we can bring to fruition. Its important to always have some dreams tucked away for the days when the landscape seems grey. Then we can add colour wherever we are.

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Hi Liz, welcome to the blogosphere. An impressive first post. It better not be the last post! Good advice to keep on dreaming. I like that.

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