Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Double blessings

My morning walk today was accompanied by a very dramatic sky. Threatening storm clouds heralded the inevitable downpour but then these fragile yet radiant beams appeared to stop me in my tracks even though I was dripping wet.
I will set my bow in the sky... the sign of my covenant with the world.
Whether these Biblical words hold any sway with you or not, there is something reassuring in the appearance of a rainbow after rain, the drama of colour emerging from the greyness. And the notion of something so unpredictable, so untrackable, whose ends cannot be determined, is a timely reminder of something much greater at work, a reminder of a world that is outwith our control. Thanks be to God. Maybe I can surrender more to that power and mystery and glimpse more miracles in my reality.


Cherie said...

How I adore rainbows! Fantastic photo, Liz, and your comments gave meaningful pause in my morning, as the rainbows did to yours. Yes, they always remind me of God's promise, which he has kept. Great post!

liz said...

cherie, thanks. what a great way to "meet" new people too.


Cracking picture, Liz. A double rainbow! Twice the promise.

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