Monday, 19 March 2007

Blessed dreams

Do you have a place in mind for those times you just need to escape? Mine is the beautiful Island of Tiree. A remote, idyllic island off the west coast of Scotland - one of the inner Hebrides. It takes the best part of the day to get there, involving a 5 hour ferry crossing but that in itself is an adventure. In the winter the boat only comes in every other day - just one of the many attractions of this wild and wonderful place. The houses you can just see in the background make up one of the bigger townships on the island - another attraction - it's sparse population. There are miles of white sandy beaches to walk in glorious solitude. Perhaps you're getting the message that I'm a bit pressed down by life at the moment. Escape, even in the form of daydreams is a luxurious coping mechanism I love to employ. But then I remind myself that even the ability to envisage such a healing place makes me extremely fortunate and I begin to get things back in perspective and appreciate what a blessed life I live. Thanks be to God.


Ronnie said...

Enjoying the thoughts in your blogs. See you and technology !!!

Love the Tiree photie. I use Iona in a similar way - looking forward to being there over Easter.

liz said...

Thanks, Ronnie. Hope you can shake off the kids for a while - and those loud youth leaders! and enjoy some peace in Iona!

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