Monday, 5 December 2016

Glimpses of God

The train
in the early morning light
filled with folk commuting
to work
to school
setting out on business trips
settling back into routine
after a weekend
of who knows what.
Early Monday morning- 
not as busy
as late Saturday night
on the train
and a lot more subdued-
No carriage clowns
attempting to entertain
their travelling companions.
No loud discussions
and banter.
No sharing of food and drink.
I'm not sure they would be welcome
on a Monday morning
when in the half light
there is the quiet rustling of newspapers
the unapologetic application of make up
the low murmur of hoarse voices
even some catching up of sleep-
passengers beginning their week
perhaps reluctantly
Car headlights punctuate the dark
of the road that runs alongside the rail track
And streetlights illuminate
the frost covered verges between
and I can't help wondering:
Is God more present
in these quiet, tired commuters
Or in the raucous Saturday night passengers?
I think God has harder work to do on a Monday morning
when folks have their heads down
preparing for the week ahead
than in the Saturday night crowd
who are up for a party
and open to something new (or old).
But I also know 
that God is up for both
And God is in both.

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