Wednesday, 11 May 2016

God on the beach

In a wee deserted corner of the beach
nestled among rocks 
that are drying out 
in the setting sun, 
with the tide on its way out
the waves lapping in their comforting rhythm
disturbed only by the cry of gulls
and the sound of clubs hitting golf balls 
on the course just above the beach
I hunker down and wait for God
And God is there -
Already awaiting my invitation 
to sit by me 
and help me unjumble 
the crazy mess of emotions 
jumping around in my head 
and the medal worthy acrobatics 
tugging at my heart
Your kingdom come
Your will be done, O Lord
Just tell me where I fit in,
where I belong
What is your call 
and your gift to me in this moment?
As the sun sinks behind the hills
I wander back the way I came
not with an answer
but with a peace
and renewed affirmation
I am where I need to be right now
and the rest will be revealed
in God's own time.
Your kingdom come
Your will be done, O Lord.

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