Sunday, 30 November 2014

The dawn of Advent

Still, quiet, subdued
That early morning hush
The blanket of darkness
muffles the sound 
of coughs and splutters
of groans of pain
of silent weeping
Like a thick fog
it covers up
stark features
and masks reality for a while.
But soon it must lift
dissipated by the dawn.
Sound gradually returns
along with the light
such as it is.
Light and sound together
herald the beginning
of a new day.
And somewhere in that mix
the tenacious tendrils of hope
are interwoven
with the harsh reality
of a darkness that persists through the dawn
and a pain that is not eased by the daylight.
Hope has its work cut out
in a world gripped by fear and despair
But hope has been there before
and knows the value of waiting.
Hope possesses the skill 
and the stamina
to play a long game
to hold on 
And with patience and persistence
to break through
the darkness of pain
and the chill of loss
and the terrifying silence.
This Advent
our world waits with hope.

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