Sunday, 9 November 2014

Remembrance Service

Looking out over the congregation 
gathered today
to remember.
Youngsters who have grown up in our midst
no older than those killed in war
Older folks who grew up with stories
of family members lost in war
Or with a silence from those
who found it too painful to speak
of all that they had seen and experienced
Or with the stigma of those who returned
forever damaged by doing their duty.
And then those for whom 
the loss and the memories
are very personal and still wound
Those who can picture
the lost and the maimed.
Alongside those that bit removed
but still scarred by the knock on effects
Noticing, too, the gaps in the congregation
of the ones who were not there today
who would rather remain at home 
on this Remembrance Day
Alone with their thoughts
Alone with their tears.
But each one
the young
the old
the absent
United in remembering
And in their remembering
to find a way to peace.

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