Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Referendum's Eve


People make their morning journeys as usual
Bleary eyed
Thinking of the day ahead
Or the night before
And those whose shift takes in
the wee sma' hours
are already tucked up in bed
storing up energy
for their next shift.
At this early hour
there is little sign 
that we are a country poised
at a major political crossroads
with the decision  on our future direction
firmly placed in the hands of the people.
Only a discarded saltire that has blown into the gutter
bearing testament to the effervescent campaign
that has amused and annoyed in equal measure.
At this juncture,
from this perspective,
the result seems far too close to call
and that brings its own momentum.
There is all to play for.
But even the good natured Scottish spirit of banter
is being stretched to the limit 
as each side makes their last ditch attempt
to win over the electorate.
The reality is that on Friday morning
as the results are declared
we will still be a Nation
Proud to be Scottish
Whatever the Referendum brings,
Will we be a nation that shows
what it is to be divided politically
and united in indomitable spirit?
That is what matters
for our Nation
and for the world
that waits and watches
on this eve of Referendum.


Julie said...

yes.... indeed yes.
tomorrow will be followed by another day...
and whatever it brings, everything will change

Cherie said...

Wonderful that you record such things, Liz, for posterity sake as well as for those of us viewing from across oceans. My heart goes out to you all. Such a time, such an important time. Whatever the outcome, may God, in His grace, reconcile Scotland to move forward bravely in that Scottish spirit you possess. <3

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