Monday, 2 June 2014

Referendum Lectionary Laughs

The All-age worship curriculum for which I write has decided, after much deliberation to switch to the Narrative Lectionary from September. Among other things, the Narrative Lectionary allows congregations to focus on bigger chunks of Bible Stories as the Liturgical year progresses. It is a 4 year cycle, rather than the 3 year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary because it also journeys with all 4 gospels, one each year rather than just the Synoptic gospels as used by the RCL.
As we looked at texts for the first few weeks of the Narrative Lectionary, the strange noise we heard was the roar of divine laughter. As Scotland heads into the Referendum on independence, the stories in the weeks leading up to the Referendum and in the aftermath are texts that describe the oppression of nations, their bid for freedom, lands wrested from those in occupation, and the complaints of people journeying in the wilderness longing for the former life they had known. It will indeed be a challenge to preach these texts in a nation in turmoil, whatever way the people vote. Ancient texts. Contemporary opportunities. And the people of God today called to be faithful in love and in service, in making peace and creating community whether as part of the UK or in an independent Scotland. Vital to all of that will be our faith in the divine sense of humour!

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Julie said...

I'm amazed and glad to hear it! Looking forward to getting to grips with it all!

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