Friday, 6 June 2014

D Day

D day
Has come to mean so many things:
The day the pay cheque arrives
The day a momentous ( or not so momentous) 
decision must be made
The final cut off
The term has featured in films,
been immortalised in song
and become the subject of poetry 
But for many in our world today
D day can only speak of one thing
Hurtling back through time
70 years ago today
A scene of
Watery, bloody carnage
The sacrifice of tens of thousands of lives
in a so called Just War
Beaches strewn with casualties
Cleaned up today
Tidied away into neat war graves
and memorials
The beginning of the end 
that took a long time to play out
and cost so much more
in its execution.
And so, 70 years on
we pause to remember
unimaginable scenes
unforgettable courage
and the incredible price of freedom.
And, should our remembering
cause us to resolve
to seek paths to peace
that are creative
and life giving
vested in honouring diversity
and in celebrating cultures
Then will our remembrance
be the memorial
that those veterans deserve
and that our world demands.

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