Monday, 19 May 2014


A reflection on the report of the Ministries Council of the Church of Scotland at General Assembly 2014

Words,words, words, words
So many words
And lots of them about call
Encouraging awareness
of the voice of God
in the everyday business of life
And yet discernment
often comes
in the quiet
when there is space to listen
and reflect
and time to sit with God
Tuning in to the Spirit of God
as she weaves her mystery
all around our lives
inviting us to unravel the mischief
and catch hold of the frayed ends
that tease us
and draw us in
confounding and intriguing
sparking our imagination
refusing to let us go.
Not letting up
until we turn our attention
away from all the distractions
and submit
to the call of God
that follows us
through every pathway
and cobbled alleyway
Down every culdesac
and dead end
Continuing to confront us
with that persistent truth
that will not be silenced
That God is
And God speaks
In all of life.

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