Saturday, 24 May 2014

God of uncertainty

So that they would search for God and perhaps grope for God and find God—though indeed God is not far from each one of us. Acts17:27

As I sat through the many debates in the General Assembly this week,what probably saddened me more than anything else was not that we are STILL debating same sex relationships as though that were the only thing that mattered to the rest of the world, sad though that is. What saddened me most was the confident voices of those who think they have God all sussed. Those who think that the God of the Universe can be explained or encountered in a neat and tidy package. I used to yearn for that kind of certainty. And I envied those who possessed it. But then I realised that that kind of God would not satisfy. That kind of god would not be the kind of companion I long for in everyday life. Because there are always questions that cannot be answered and mysteries that cannot be explained. And I need a God who presents us with a quest of discovery. I suspect that you do too. A God for whom we grope and in the searching, discover God not far from us. That God is messy and often dirty from guddling in the muck and glaur of our lives. That God hunkers down beside us and awaits our discovery. 


Rachel Hall said...

I am gonna take this to my young people discussing God and coming to terms with their R.E. will sit neatly alongside how I perceive God. Best thing I have read tonight. (and I read a lot) <3

liz said...

Thanks, Rachel. Hope it's useful.

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