Saturday, 22 March 2014

Who do you say I am?

Laughing Christ
You played with children
Fished with fishermen
Sailed with sailors
Picnicked with revellers
Feasted with wedding guests
You wandered through fields of corn
Climbed hills
Strode along beaches
Even walked on water
You had your serious moments
when you tried to teach folk
how you must suffer and die
and how they should live
But you were such good company
that people flocked to be with you
Climbing trees
Dismantling roofs
Lining the streets
All to be with you
And when they couldn't catch your eye
they simply touched your cloak
knowing your power was sufficient.
Open our eyes today
to see signs of you
in the folk we encounter
Laughing or weeping
homeless or hungry 
aloof or down to earth.
May your laughing eyes
encourage us
to seek out joy
and prevent us
From taking ourselves
too seriously.

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