Sunday, 19 January 2014

On the other side

Once a month, I host the 11th Hour Preachers Party on the RevGalBlogPals website. It is, as the name suggests, a gathering of resources for those whose sermons have been busy percolating all week and for those who have left their preaching tasks to the last minute. It is a fun and hospitable way to complete that weekly task. And even, and perhaps especially, if this is a task completed earlier in the week, experience and wisdom is gratefully received at the Preachers Party. Often, just one phrase shared or some perspective offered can be just what is needed to help a preacher bring it home. And the Holy Spirit always has our backs.
Hosting from the UK, I always start the party before our US RevGals have surfaced and have to leave them to party on when I need to get some rest before Sunday morning. But preachers from Japan, from Beijing, from Australia, from Canada, from France, from Norway and Holland and other places I've forgotten, also join in, so, like the voice of prayer, it is never silent.
It feels strange, this morning, to wake up when many church services back home will already be over and preachers will be heading to their Holy Naps, a pleasant and often necessary Sunday afternoon activity. But what a wonderful reminder of the relentless and never ending activity of the people of God across the world, engaged in crafting and delivering worship for all Gods people and for the glory of an awesome, sustaining God. Thanks be to God.
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