Monday, 27 January 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day

Shaving brushes
Shoe brushes
Tooth brushes
Eye glasses
And so the list goes on
All personal items removed

Not for a more equitable distribution
Not for reuse or recycling
But removed for the hell of it
To depersonalise
To dehumanise
My God, my God. Why have you forsaken?
Yet such is the strength of human spirit
The might of human will
That folk outlived
The horror and genocide
Folk lived and returned
To tell their stories
And the stories of those wiped out

Stories of horror
Of evil
Of unimaginable darkness
But also stories of love
And courage
And amazing strength of human will
That refuses to be defeated
That refuses to be dehumanised
That, even, in a dying breath
Finds forgiveness.
Such is the strength of human will
The courage of love
And the ability of light
To conquer every darkness
So that in the end
Evil does not have the last word

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