Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Spreading hope

Hogmanay is filled with reflection
with nostalgic delights and longings
with friends old and new
giving thanks
noticing growth
and acknowledging loss
all with one common theme
- hope for the future.
Causing me to ponder
the privileged life I inhabit
where all of my friends
and contacts
near and far
can enter a new year
buoyed up with optimism
however fragile
and with the confidence
that the future
is, in some measure,
in our hands
and within our sphere
of influence.
In that realisation
comes awareness
that this is not
the experience
of so many
in our world
in our nation
and in our neighbourhood.
May our hope
and our power
and our privilege
bring responsibility
to broker change
to share the love
and to create opportunity
for all those
who enter a new year
with dread
or with the expectation
that nothing good
can come their way.
Blessings shared
are blessings multiplied.
May we light a beacon of hope
for others along the way.

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