Monday, 16 December 2013

In the bleak mid winter

In the bleak midwinter
Syria's children flee
No warmth
No food
No shelter
No aid while under siege
And on and on wars rage
amidst the winter chill
While politicians posture
the children suffer still
King Herod slaughtered innocents
to rid his world of threat
Once more the children
pay the price
their fragile lives beset
with fear and struggle
none should know
God's kingdom not come yet.
And still the Christ Child enters
once more a refugee
crouched down among the children
in the cold and misery
and cries to God in heaven
what difference did it make
to take on flesh
and live on earth
to do this for love's sake.
But with the birth of God's own son
came hope and peace and love
and light to shine in darkness
that has to be enough.
That baby left the manger
and grew in every way
demanding that we follow
and share the love today.
Wherever children suffer
God's right there at the heart
calling all of us
to step up and play our part.

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