Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Black and white and grey

The landscape of loss looms starkly
draining colour from everything around
Leaching the very soil
Mirrored in sea and sky
It brings a weariness
that is hard to shake off
but burrows in
like a parasite
sapping energy
feeding on melancholy
choking life
out of the brief intervals
of forgetfulness
or distraction
It gathers like a mist
weaving its tendrils
in and around
a city street
Building, building
until obscurity reigns
For a time
For a long time
vision is restricted
to a very narrow horizon
But, eventually, the view is expanded
and, as other shapes hove into view
the landscape begins to take on colour
slowly, gradually,
slightly out of focus.
And a creeping warmth
dispels the chill of loss
like the sun shining softly on the ocean.
The penetration is not complete
but it does make a difference
on the surface
loosening the grip
and softening the blow
until pain recedes
enough to imagine
seeing in colour again.

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