Thursday, 19 December 2013

Babies grow up

We all know that parenthood
is about preparation
Preparing our charges
to stand on their own one day
Nurturing and encouraging
Coaching and cajoling
Directing but also leaving space
for choice or cussedness
for growth and distinction
Standing back
but all the while ready
to step in and pick up the pieces
- or not
if that's for the best
for learning comes in many guises
Discernment is tricky
but there is always a plan B
And no amount of preparation
can ever make us ready
to release our charges
into the care of others.
Mary, the mother of Jesus
had all this - and more - to contend with
All those human dimensions
But also the divine complication!
And no amount of warning
could ever guard her heart
to the life upon which
her adult son embarked.
As she gazed with wonder
at her newborn
did she dread the life
she sensed would be his
or did she know
that her son
had a huge part to play
in helping God
take on flesh
And convince the world
that love is born
And Mary, the one chosen to prepare
the Son of God
to bring light, love,hope and peace
into the world
thought every moment worthwhile.

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