Monday, 23 December 2013

Angels we have heard on high

That rustle in the air?
That's the flapping of angel's wings.
They are gathering
from North and South
and East and West.
They are gathering
to do what angels do-
Carry messages
This message is one
that will change the world
A message that will delight and scare
encourage and threaten
"Unto us a child is born
who will bring
Peace on earth
Goodwill to all"
Today, as in the past,
there are those
who long for that message
to be fulfilled.
There are those
who fear the message
because it brings change.
And there are those
who in their indifference
will not even hear the angel voices.
The angels gather nonetheless
bringing their message
of hope for the world.
How will you hear it today?

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