Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A prayer for Watchnight

Tonight, we will not find you, God,
in high and lofty places,
not even in the heavenly choir of angels,
but instead in the straw of a manger,
kept warm by the breath of cattle,
lulled to sleep by the bleating of lambs.
We will not find you
in the tinsel and stars adorning our trees,
but in the torn and discarded wrappings
that litter our streets,
sleeping in doorways,
covered over by cardboard.
For you came not for the
high and the mighty,
but for the poor and the lowly.
May we stoop down
and look you in the eye,
take your hand and raise you up
and walk beside you through our world,
attuned to what you see
and how you love,
alert to serve you
in those we meet along the way.
Vulnerable God,
be born in our hearts this Christmas,
so that we too can reach out
with vulnerability
to serve our world with love.

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