Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wise men wondering...

On the way...

By now the wise men are asking:
Are we nearly there yet?
A long, arduous journey.
A mystery tour
with no end in sight
and no promise of fulfilment
The shine has gone
and the star is proving an elusive guide
Are they regretting that rashness
to pack up and set off
on the adventure of a lifetime?
Is the reality falling short
of their expectations?
Are they already longing
to settle down
to enjoy home cooking
to slip back into that routine
from which their restlessness took them
on this crazy departure from reality?
And what of those gifts
nestled safely at the bottom of their packs?
Do they now seem rash and foolish?
Based on a whim?
Tired, weary, doubting,
do they question their wisdom?
Or is their resolve as strong as ever,
their purpose unwavering?
Do they still sense that
history in the making
and their role in it?

(Liz Crumlish November 2013)

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1 comment:

revkjarla said...

oh! took my breath away!

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