Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Drinking cinnamon flavoured coffee and eating cinnamon doughnuts as I am right now, immediately transports me to America (USA) and brings to mind the wonderful people I have met there. Those I have worked with, those who have ministered to me, those with whom I have shared joys and sorrows and adventures. And I am grateful for all the sharing. Some of those friends I connect with regularly, virtually and face to face, others I see or hear from infrequently, while still others I probably won't have the privilege of meeting again in this life. But all have been a part of my journey and, for that, I give thanks.
I wonder what tastes or smells evoke, for them, memories of Scotland?

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Wendy said...

My pastor, who spent part of her sabbatical last summer in Iona, has taken to ordering shortbread online and having tea and shortbread at the long mid afternoon point. It reminds her of Scotland.

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