Friday, 1 November 2013

For all the saints...

Tendrils stretching through the years
Continuing to shape and influence the present
Reaching in with the sustenance of love
Reaching out with the buoyancy of hope
For all those who have shaped us into who we are today
Those who have been a good influence
And encouraged us to grow
And those who left a negative impact
but yet taught us how to be resilient and forgiving
For the discovery that no learning, however painful
is ever wasted
And for all who surround us today
Continuing to exert their influence
for good or ill
Encouraging us to learn toughness or tenderness
Still moulding, still shaping
the individuals that we are.
All saints together.
Some who's halos have become a tad tarnished
But still with the potential to gleam again
This day for all the saints
we pause, reflect, give thanks
we celebrate the saints of the past,
the saints of the present
and take our place in that vast continuum
that cloud visible and invisible
whose subscription never runs out
whose membership never expires
whose capacity stretches to infinity.
Thanks be to God.

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