Saturday, 28 September 2013


A reflection on the gospel: Luke 16:19-31

Only God can judge.
In our heads we know this to be true,
but most of us will have a go nonetheless.
So, in our harshness
are we prepared to ask ourselves:
Have we done all we could?
Did we set out the stall properly?
Did we challenge or cajole?
Did we love and love and love again?
When our neighbour falls
is our first question:
What more could I have done?
Or are we too busy condemning to admit culpability?
Can we share the riches of our table
with those who are used to the dregs
and keep the channels of grace
open to all
in the knowledge that God comes
in the strangest of garbs
and dines with the sinner
and with the saint,
inviting both to find a home
in the incredible welcoming arms of God?

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