Monday, 19 August 2013

Risky Gospel

Delegates at the National Youth Assembly this morning had the opportunity to meet with the Moderator of the Church of Scotland who helped them explore the theme of the Assembly - Identity.
The past few days have contained lots of discussion and not a little input from the institution about what constitutes the identity of the Kirk at present.
But the nature, or at least a huge concern of an institution is self perpetuation.
It was refreshing this morning to step away from the rules and roles imposed by the institution of the kirk to imagine what might be if, following the example of Jesus, we allowed that inherent divine spark within each of us to have more of an influence on our identity.
We were reminded that Jesus antagonised the religious institutions of his day, not for the sake of it but because he could do no other.
Following Jesus is not safe, cannot be prescribed by dogma, but is bound up in love and risk and listening to and acting on that still small voice at the core of our being.
Who am I?
A risk taking, rule breaking, beloved child of God. Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Following Jesus is an exhilarating ride, never predictable, a bit dangerous but hard to keep quiet about. Enjoyed reading your blog. Also love The Vicar of Dibly. We could all learn a lot about spontaneity and fun.

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