Wednesday, 29 May 2013


There are days
when these tired introvert bones
weary from constantly being out there
simply want to retreat
to curl up in some bright sunny spot
and soak up some warmth
or even wrap up warmly
and wage a solitary battle
against the wind and the rain
For the facade of bonhomie
wears thin after a while
and is too exhausting to maintain
So, before it shatters or dissolves
it needs to be nurtured and replenished
Topped up from the well of silence
in which it finds renewal
Then, brand new
those bones can once again
be out there
doing the work
to which they are called
but which comes at a price.

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Julie said...

I can really, really identify with this!!
It speaks to my introvert - which is being challenged greatly just now, by a busy schedule with lots of new things - wish I could retreat for a while...

Tanya said...

Liz, This really feels like where I am at the moment too. After last week and a few really busy weeks in the parish, withdrawal sounds so appealing!

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