Saturday, 18 May 2013

Speech and sight

How refreshing it is to hear the youth delegates' take on the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Especially on this the first day of proceedings so full of pomp and circumstance.
Already they have discerned that when a Convenor uses the word "briefly" it bears no relation to their concept of brevity! And how much shorter the Lord High Commissioner's speech would be if he left out all the whys and wheretofores with which his speech, presented on a scroll, no less, is so liberally peppered.
Tonight, in worship, we considered speech and sight, two senses that we all use so differently. We gave thanks for the gift of voice and for those whose skill is eloquence in speech. We prayed for the discernment to hear the message and not be simply carried along by rhetoric.
And we acknowledged how, even when engaged in seeing the same things and reading the same texts, we may yet come to interpret things differently. We prayed for authenticity in our interpretation and love and tolerance for others whose interpretation, although different, is authentic for them.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing God at work in General Assembly this week.

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