Sunday, 19 May 2013

Heart and Soul

Once again, Heart and Soul, proved refreshing and inspiring. Celebrating Pentecost in Princes Street Gardens, the castle a fitting backdrop, the Kirk proved, in the words of the moderator, Right Rev Lorna Hood, that it is not dead - but on life support - the life giving breath of the risen Lord.
There were displays and stories from parishes all over Scotland and Europe proclaiming good news, care and compassion and celebrating the Spirit blowing through Gods people and bringing all manner of gifts.
Lets hope that amazing Spirit continues to make her presence known as we grasp the nettle tomorrow and tackle thorny issues. May the unity we experienced in worship continue into the business of General Assembly, wreaking havoc and bringing peace. So may it be.
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1 comment:

Cherie said...

Is this the castle you are to show Cassie and Caroline when they visit? Gorgeous. And craggy. And old!

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