Saturday, 6 April 2013


Water soothes my soul
Especially fast flowing water
The sound of it tumbling
and raging over rocks
washes away those currents in me
teases out those knots
smoothes away those creases
that have begun to be etched
in the recesses
that lie under the calm exterior
that I present to the world.
The sight of it frothing and bubbling
takes me to a place
filled with mirth
and enthusiasm
and inspiration
- elements lying in wait
ready to burst to the surface once again
as the weight that suppresses them
is lifted
and they are allowed
to float free
loosed to life again.
The feel of it
icy on my toes
exhorts me
to throw caution to the wind
to scream with delight
and enjoy the sensation
of living on the edge
however briefly
so that everything seems possible.
Washed, teased, smoothed, freed
I break the surface once more
Giving thanks for water
- that soothes my soul.

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1 comment:

Cherie said...

You put into beautiful words and phrases the effect water has on me as well. Just perfect and oh, so lovely.

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