Monday, 22 April 2013

Mad as...

The Spill the Beans team met today, not to write as we usually do but to plan and dream. Our meetings are always filled with hilarity. We cannot help but find joy in our task of somehow unravelling Lectionary texts and being creative in how we might present those with and for our different congregations.
Today we started off with a lengthy agenda. It took us less than two minutes to be totally diverted from that! And less than five minutes to mention Dr Who! With so many creative minds together in a room, sticking to an agenda is like herding cats. But we seem to get there and, certainly, each season, we come up with more and more ideas for presenting and living out the gospel together.
The Lectionary based all age church curriculum has enjoyed an amazing uptake not just in Scotland, our intentional market, but in other parts of the world too.
Taking time out today, in the beautiful surrounds of New Lanark, to plan the next stage was enriching and energising - essential components of ministry. Now to get back to writing for the season after the season after Pentecost!
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