Wednesday, 17 April 2013

If we had known...

A brush of a kiss on the way out the door
A wave from the window
A stony silence
A blazing row precipitating a stormy exit
Would we have done it differently
if we'd known it would be
our final farewell?
When life - or death intervenes
causing us to pause and consider
are we changed
by that salutary encounter?
In all our impotence
to stave off evil
can't we yet
be changed by love?
Might we redouble our efforts
to tip the scales
to counter the balance?
Not simply to light the darkness
when it falls
but to push the dawn
ever nearer
so that its gentle light
pervades all
upon which it encroaches.
Need we wait
until tragedy intervenes
before we get to work?
Or might we strive
all the more
to be harbingers of light
and effectors of love.

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