Thursday, 28 March 2013

White - a colour of the Passion

The cloth
thrown over the table
settles and comes to rest
covering and beautifying
Covering up the scratches
of wear and tear
and family use
transforming the kitchen table
making it a welcoming space
not just for family
but for visitors too.
A place to greet old friends
and make new
A place to catch up
with life and each other
A place to encourage
persuade and cajole
A place to listen
and console
A place to celebrate
and commiserate
A place to share food
that nurtures and sustains.
The bread of life
broken and shared
around a table
Gathered up
as each gives and takes
what they need
and returns to give
and to take some more.
And in the sharing
finds communion.
White - a colour of the Passion

Liz Crumlish 2013

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1 comment:

Dot said...

Beautiful-thank you. Dx

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