Monday, 25 March 2013

The Colours of Passion - Green


We see the colour green
in the fields in which the shepherds abided
to whom the good news was proclaimed:
Christ is born
We see green on the plains
on which Jesus taught
surrounded by those who were mesmerised
by his teaching
We see green behind the ears
of those first disciples
who put their lives on hold
and tagged along for the journey
and who learned from the Master
things they could never have imagined.
We see green in the envy
in the hearts of the religious authorities
who saw their influence trickle away
as the people discovered
a new and liberating way to love God.
We see green in the waving palm branches
that heralded a triumphant entry
and the beginning
of the final passion filled journey
We see green in the colour of money
that was enough to buy betrayal
when the authorities said: "Enough is enough"
We see green in the face of Peter
as he squirmed out of his association
with the man arrested and tried
sick as he realised
he'd reacted
just as Jesus said he would.
We see green
in the new wood
roughly hued
to form a cross
hoisted high
proclaiming death.
We see green
A colour of the Passion.

Liz Crumlish 2013

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