Thursday, 14 March 2013

Straight lines and shadows

The loch becomes a mirror
for the bumps and curves of nature
But even the sharp contours
of human construction
take on a beauty
when reflected in the water.
Like the slow smile of recognition
that lightens the features
when wonder is revealed
in all its mystery.
Revelation and mystery
do not compete
or contradict
but live side by side
in glorious harmony
in nature
as do light and shade
They need each other
one made whole
by the other
their true effect
only realised
when viewed
in completeness

Revelation and mystery
Light and shade
God and creation.
Each complements and completes
the other.

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1 comment:

Cherie said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful photo.

Liz, my two daughters are going to be in Glasgow this August. I'd love for them to have your contact information - and perhaps meet you? - if that is agreeable to you. If you'd email me at: I can fill you in some more. It would make me so happy to have a face-to-face meeting with you if even through my precious children. Enjoy your day!

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