Sunday, 31 March 2013

He is not here - he is risen!

Incredible witnesses
In the garden
making their way quietly
to the tomb
eyes cast down
watching their step.
Carrying precious ointment
to anoint their Lord's body
That Sabbath must have seemed unending
as they waited
to care for their loved one
like waiting for a funeral
over a long weekend.
Then reaching the tomb
and seeing - what?
A stone rolled back
An empty tomb
And two angels
- reminding them
of all that he said.
"Three days later..."
But they were women
prone to hysteria
talking nonsense
It seems that, even then,
the resurrection
had to be verified
by men.
But we know
that the ones who stuck with Jesus
the ones who waited at the cross
the ones who rose early in the morning
to prepare his body for burial
the ones who nurtured and cared
from beginning to end
were women
prone to exaggeration
and "idle tales"
But, on that day,
witnesses to resurrection!

Liz Crumlish 2013

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