Thursday, 7 February 2013

Those aha moments

This Sunday brings us to the end of the Christian season of Epiphany.
In the church calendar, Epiphany begins with the visit of the magi who followed the star to find the Christ child and goes on until the beginning of Lent. Since Easter is so early this year, the season of Epiphany has been brief.
But I like to think of every day being filled with little epiphanies in life.
Those aha moments, when we see God at work, in odd encounters, in glimpses of majesty in moments of awareness of something other - and grander than ourselves: glimpses of God in the glaur of life.
A couple of years back, we accepted an invitation to go to Bellahouston and see Pope Benedict.
We had to be in the park really early although the Pope wasn't going to be there until much later in the afternoon.
So we took a picnic lunch and joined the tens of thousands of people with Festival wristbands in a very carnival atmosphere to enjoy the entertainment or just sit in the sunshine and read and blether - and wait.
But long before the Pope actually appeared on the platform set up in the park, a whisper went around the crowd - "he's here"
There was a buzz of tension and then an incredible hush - everyone was electrified by the sense of sharing a special moment.
Whatever age, however devout (or not) folk became caught up in a moment of encounter with the holy.
That encounter wasn't simply about catching a glimpse of the man elected head of the Roman Catholic Church.
That encounter was, for me at least - and I'm sure I wasn't alone - that encounter was about an awareness, in that moment of the presence of God in our midst.
An aha moment in which God revealed our shared humanity and our shared access to holiness.
And so, as this season of Epiphany draws to a close, we give thanks for the continued potential for the revelation of God in our everyday.
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