Saturday, 26 January 2013


A reflection on Luke 4:14-21

as political as they come;
as challenging as they come; as life changing as they come.
Such was Jesus’ manifesto
written long ago,
brought to life in the Son of God, harnessing the power of the Spirit.
Not popular in some quarters, radicals never are,
but when they saw
all those grand old words being lived out,
after centuries of gathering dust, folk couldn’t help but get upset as they were confronted
with a way of living
that they could easily embrace
if they could shake off their apathy, built up over the years
and tamped down
into a solid seemingly unmovable mass.
Not rocket science.
Not even political science.
But simple undiluted love:
the kind that is buried deep within, waiting to be kindled and coaxed into flame,
so that
the poor hear good news,
captives are released,
the blind can see
and the oppressed go free.
That’s some Manifesto!

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