Thursday, 20 December 2012

Stille Nacht

The ice rink is a place of beautiful stillness
In between games
When everyone has gone
to enjoy something warming
the peace is tangible
No roars of HURRY!
No clatter of stones
hurtling up the ice
Just a hushed waiting
Like the church in between services
When everyone has left
and the tidying has been done
when there is silence
and order.
Quiet, still,peaceful.
But not purposeful.
Both places are built
to embrace and to welcome
to ring with sound
and activity
The stillness is nice - for a while
but we yearn for the hustle and bustle
and even the ritual
that belongs to the space.

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Muthah+ said...

Thanks, Liz. I am going to the Blue Christmas service that Amy+ is doing tonight. I am not grieving but am just tired and need the quiet. Will be thinking of my Scot sisters and all those revgals who are out there trying to come up with what to say on Advent IV and Christmas.

Are you a curler?

liz said...

Muthah - yes I curl. Our club has been celebrating its centenary this year.
Good to imagine you and Amy together tonight.
It's great to get some time to just sit at this time of year. Love to you and J x

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