Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pregnancy blues

In the early stages of my second pregnancy, my gran died. It wasn't entirely unexpected - she was well into her eighties and had been ill for some time. My main concern was that I wasn't sure if I'd make it to her funeral service - because I was being so sick in that first trimester. Whoever called it morning sickness must have been male! It lasted all day and then into the night.
Kate Middleton has been hospitalised because of pregnancy sickness and it is front page news in many parts of the world. It IS a horrible thing and I would not want in any way to trivialise it. However it does seem a bit bizarre that it has claimed such media attention.
When every day there are women and babies who do not survive pregnancy or who are delivered in unsanitary conditions.
And, as the church prepares to celebrate the birth of the baby God once more, conceived, delivered and brought up amidst great risk for all concerned, perhaps we can make room to consider the plight of those women and children who will never become headline news but who survive against all odds, as well as those who do not make it. Perhaps we can resolve to work towards proper health care and sanitary conditions for all women and their children through all hazards that pregnancy brings.

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