Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Missing the obvious

Enjoyed listening to authors Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch today, talking about The Shape of things to come - in Scotland.
They are both wonderful communicators, combining prophetic insight with scriptural exegesis.
One of the most glaring omissions of the church, they claim, is our theology of the incarnation. Not giving the incarnation enough weight results in really skewed practice. When we emphasise a theology centred on the cross or on resurrection or even salvation we diminish our portrayal of the God who took on flesh and who "moved into the neighbourhood". And getting that image wrong means that we get the image of God wrong since Jesus displays the Father. Somehow we've lost that bodily connection, lost the flesh element and substituted something much more cerebral that doesn't get down and dirty enough.
The church, faced with its current identity crisis would benefit from returning to our founder, mirroring the life of Jesus who majored on access for all.
Is there any better time than this season of Advent to start putting some flesh back on out theology?
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